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Planet Earth. Asia. India. Mumbai.
A blink of the eye from the deep blue skies above.Millions of people, millions of thoughts – all inter-weaved like a giant spider web, yet clear as that of the rails that run across the length of the city. Every morning – people meet, acknowledge one another yet are lost in thoughts – in their own parodies – at times enjoying, at times dreading. This is what the citizens of Mumbai have come to become today, where commerce declares the flow of run-ins.

There were times, in the early 90’s, I still remember – chirping sparrows, tree-lined avenues, whistling trees, families strolling around gardens and occasionally a big red colour (ad free) double-decker bus rumbling through the streets. Buildings hardly taller than 4 stories, brimming to the forth with content faces, enjoying the small things of life. The city had a very clean look to it, the noxious vapors were also significantly lesser. The pressures of peers, work were also manageable.
– Mumbai in Motion | Image By: Jeet Ghosh –
Time travel through to the early 2010’s – stuff has changed and how. Malls the size of Olympic stadia with coasters and all – brimming with activities, restaurants vying over each other, serpentine queues of motor vehicles humming away aimlessly, a thinning line between man and machine. All within city limits we have come to so love.
A land of opportunities, a land of sorrow, a land for equals yet a land divided.
Hoping for the very best of future! The lost golden era. Come soon.